About Gaming 4 Water


Gaming 4 Water started as a quest to collect and play the iconic video games of my youth. It was a classic case of nostalgia. As I searched for my favorites titles, I discovered that I wasn't alone. Collectors and hobbyists were abundant and I quickly realized that finding all my favorite games would not only be time-consuming but expensive. Fortunately, with the help of a few new acquaintances I met online and in my local community, I discovered there is a rich and passionate community of retro game enthusiasts all over the world. 

Over the next few months, my love for the classic games came flooding back. I recalled many positive memories from childhood and relived countless moments that were very special to me. And I wasn't alone! I found many other people who had similar experiences and these classic games meant more to them than just entertainment.

As I continued to play these classic games, I felt that this quest could be something much bigger than my own personal enterprise. I started asking the question: how I could use this new passion to bless others? This simple, yet challenging question is how G4W was born. Our aim is to end the global water crisis. It's a massive and difficult goal but we won't give up!

There are three ways you can join us in changing the world: buy from our shopdonate games and participate in our fundraising campaigns. 

All games for sale in our shop are donated from our generous partners with the goal of ending the global water crisis. All proceeds are donated to Lifewater International and go directly to preventing water-borne illness across the globe. For every $40 raised, one person will access to clean water. What an amazing gift your purchase or donation provides!

If you love classic games, purchase with confidence! If you have a heart to help people in great need, consider donating your video games, board games, card games and computer games and help transform lives and communities through hygiene and sanitation education, clean water access and poverty prevention.